Craig Kridel
E. S. Gambrell Distinguished Professor of Education Emeritus
Curator Emeritus, Museum of Education
University of South Carolina

"One of the conditions of happiness is the opportunity of a calling, 
a career which somehow is congenial to one’s own temperament." John Dewey


Arts-related Research & Aesthetic Education

I have been involved actively in the fields of aesthetic education and historical music. While many of my colleagues engage in arts-based research in the field of education, I have found myself more active in arts-related research and, with my background in aesthetic education (as the founder and director of the Institute for the Advancement of the Arts in Education at Ohio State University), I am active in the presentation of research in arts settings.

I continue my research in late 18th and early 19th century harmoniemusik.
For more information about harmoniemusic, please visit
Harmoniemusik North America at

I served as the Weinstock Artist-in-Residence at Lehigh University
where I participated in a wonderful British harmonie project with specialist Professor David Diggs.

I serve as a columnist and editor of the Historical Instrument Section of the ITEA (International Tuba Euphonium Association) Journal and as coordinator of Berlioz Historical Brass, an advocacy-related music ensemble.

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To see my Historical Instrument columns in the International Tuba Euphonium Association Journal, go to

with members of Berlioz Historical Brass
at the premiere of Mendelssohn's Seasons,
2009 Historical Brass Festival, Connecticut College, with conductor Wim Becu



with Peter Schickele at his 2005 40th anniversary holiday concert,
New York City; photo credit: R. Termine, New York Times

with Peter Schickele, Douglas Yeo, and Steven Silverstein
at the NYC PDQ Bach 40th Anniversary Concert, 2005


with André "The Wiz" De Shields

and with original cast members from Hair and Jesus Christ Superstar at the Tom O'Horgan Memorial

Dr. Craig Kridel
Wardlaw Hall; Room 135
University of South Carolina
Columbia, SC 29208

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