Craig Kridel
E. S. Gambrell Distinguished Professor of Education Emeritus
Curator Emeritus, Museum of Education
University of South Carolina

"One of the conditions of happiness is the opportunity of a calling, 
a career which somehow is congenial to one’s own temperament." John Dewey


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Receiving the 2015 AERA Curriculum Studies Lifetime Achivevement Award


Education: Biographical Blurb

Craig Kridel is the E. S. Gambrell Distinguished Professor of Education Emeritus and Curator Emeritus of the Museum of Education, University of South Carolina. His research interests include progressive education, documentary editing, and educational biography. Recent publications include The SAGE Encyclopedia of Curriculum Studies (2010), Classic Edition Sources: Education (2009), Progressive Education in Black High Schools of the 1940s (2015) and, with R. V. Bullough, Jr., Stories of the Eight Year Study: Rethinking Schooling in America (2007).

His publications have received the American Association of Colleges of Teacher Education Outstanding Writing Award, the American Educational Research Association-Curriculum Studies Book Award, and the Educational Press Association of America Distinguished Achievement Award, and he has received The Society of Professors of Education Mary Anne Raywid Award and the AERA Curriculum Studies Lifetime Achievement Award.


Music: Biographical Blurb

Craig Kridel is coordinator of Berlioz Historical Brass [] and columnist for the International Tuba and Euphonium Journal. He organized the first International Serpent Festival and has appeared on BBC, NPR, ABC radio to discuss the revival of interest in historical brass. Dr. Kridel has performed on serpent with the London Serpent Trio and Peter Schickele and has presented at the International Tuba and Euphonium Conference, College Band Directors National Association’s  Conference, and the International Double Reed Society Conference. He appears as serpentist on the “Le Monde du Serpent” CD with Douglas Yeo, serpentist and bass trombonist of the Boston Symphony Orchestra, and performed the encore for the 2005 40th Anniversary P.D.Q. Bach Retrogressive concerts and the “call to service” for Pope John Paul II’s American 1987 Ecumenical Service. He received the International Tuba Euphonium Association’s Clifford Bevan Award for Meritorious Work in Low Brass Scholarship and published the "bass horn" entry for the New Grove Dictionary of Musical Instruments.

Dr. Craig Kridel
Wardlaw Hall; Room 135
University of South Carolina
Columbia, SC 29208

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